About Parliament information now on beta

There’s a lot to know about Parliament. From parliamentary processes, to what it’s like to work at Holyrood, to when the Parliament was first established, people have a lot of questions. Part of what we’re doing on the new site is helping people find answers to those questions by making information easy to find and understand.

Some information we’ve covered in distinct parts of the Beta site (for example About legislation, About committees, and About secondary legislation). But our latest release covers 7 of our top tasks grouped together in a new About the Scottish Parliament section. This has information on:

  • how the Parliament works, including the difference between Parliament and government
  • running the building, including information about environmental management and the different Parliament offices
  • diversity and inclusion
  • the history of the Parliament
  • working at the Parliament
  • international connections, including arranging official visits
  • supplying services to the Parliament

These pages have newly designed information for people who want to find out more about all parts of the Scottish Parliament.

Content Discovery

To create the new content, we:

  • researched what users needed from each of these top tasks
  • studied analytics to find out who is looking for this information and how they are doing so
  • researched keywords to understand how people are searching for the content
  • spoke to the Public Information team in the Parliament to find out what the public are asking about each topic

We then restructured and simplified content to make it easier for people to find what they need, and moved information out of PDFs to make it searchable and more user friendly. We gathered together content that had been spread over the old site and microsites so that users don’t have to jump around to find what they’re looking for.

For the history section, we found enquiries about these topics came from school children as well as academics and interested members of the public. With this in mind we made sure that the content was as informative and detailed as possible but still easy to understand.

What's coming next

There are 3 more areas to add to “About the Parliament”.  These include:

  • freedom of information
  • news about the Parliament
  • more information in the work for the Parliament section

What do you think?

Why not try and find some of the answers to these questions on the site and let us know how you get on? See if you can now find:

  • who is the Presiding Officer?
  • what are the Parliament’s values?
  • what does the Parliament do for biodiversity?
  • how old is Queensberry House?

We welcome feedback from all users on this release or any other part of the Parliament’s Beta website. You can leave anonymous feedback on the MSP pages via the “Was this page helpful” tab at the bottom of the page or contact us directly at: