Bills, Bills, Bills

Current Bills page on beta website in desktop view

From 14 April, current and previous Bills for this parliamentary session (from 2016) will only be published on our new beta website: This is a significant milestone for the web project.

Bills from previous sessions of Parliament will continue to be available on the current website. These will be added to beta over the coming months. 

What’s different on beta vs the current site?

The beta site is introducing various design, content and technical improvements. For Bills, the main changes are:

  • we've introduced plain English Bill summaries to help users understand the purpose of a Bill and why it is needed
  • we're improving the accessibility of accompanying Bill documents to meet new accessibility regulations
  • the Official Reports and videos of the stages of a particular Bill are available on the Bill page
  • the design is more user-friendly for all devices including mobiles.

Current Bills for this session will be kept up to date at each stage, right through to them becoming Acts. 

Bills in Session 5 which have already become law are shown in All Bills.

Getting ready for beta-only

We have been dual-running the current site and the beta site for more than 6 months. This has allowed us time to ensure that we can deliver the improvements while continuing to meet business-publishing service-level agreements. Work on content training and platform-readiness has also taken place and we are confident moving to beta-only will be a success.

Over the coming months, we’ll be working with the Legislation team to move all Session 1 to Session 4 Bills onto our new website. Once that’s complete, all Bills will only be available on the new website.

We will keep you updated on when the switch over will happen and add links to redirect you to the Bill pages you’re looking for.

Coming soon

Information on Proposed Members' Bills, Private and Hybrid Bills and secondary legislation will be added to the new site in future releases. 

Why are we making this change?

This change is part of replacing the current parliament website with a modern user-centred online service. This includes:

  • a new design with renewed focus on meeting the needs of our users
  • adhering to our new content strategy and associated improvements for how content is published
  • a cloud-based infrastructure and content management system.

We have started with legislation because our user research has shown us that our users are most interested in legislation and our project approach is to prioritise the needs of our users.

Talk to us

On each page of the new website there is a tab asking “Was this page helpful?” Please let us know what‘s useful and we can keep making improvements.

Other beta content

In addition to accessing bill information on beta, you can also access:

Over this calendar year, we will make more parliamentary business content and services available on the beta site only.

Find out more

If you would like more information about the project, please contact the project team at