Discovery phase - continues…

Discovery Alpha Beta Live
Finding out what the users need, what to measure and what the constraints are Building a prototype, testing it with users and learning from it Scaling up and going public Continuously improving the live service


The Web and Online project has had a busy few weeks completing user research and continues to work on the discovery phase of the project.

The discovery phase will allow us to:

  • Discover and understand more about our Users
  • Develop Roadmap Themes

Twelve Roadmap Themes have been defined, with each Theme being owned by an individual Product Owner from within the Scottish Parliament.

In December, we completed one-to-one sessions with each Product Owner, which allowed us to identify key opportunities for each theme; develop Problem Statements for any issues with the current website; determine the Benefits from solving these problems; identify key Stakeholders; and recognise dependencies across Themes.

The twelve themes that form the project Roadmap:

Roadmap Themes
Content governance & publishing strategy Web hosting, security & infrastructure User research & continuous improvement Content Strategy
Utility design & Microsite rationalisation Members' Services Data architecture & Content archive Search strategy, application & taxonomy
Establish service team & delivery model Intranet Community & social media Open Data & Data Services

We ended 2017 with our first Product Owner Workshop, which brought together Product Owners from across the Scottish Parliament. The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss the overall benefits of a new Scottish Parliament website and allowed for valuable discussion on the dependencies across Themes. The output of this session is now being used to help us develop an overall Vision statement and the Strategic Roadmap on to how best develop the Scottish Parliament's online channels.

A big 'Thank You' to everybody who contributed to these sessions in the run up to Christmas and especially those who missed out on Christmas lunch for the Web & Online project workshop!

Next Steps:

The next step in the Discovery Phase is to engage and consult with Stakeholders across the Parliament. Together with Product Owners, we are hosting Stakeholder Engagement Workshops, which will be running from 31 January - 21 February. These sessions will invite a range of Stakeholders from across the Scottish Parliament and allow us to gain a further understanding about the needs of our users and gather specific internal business knowledge. The output from these sessions will help shape each Theme and the overall Strategic Roadmap.

We are also planning Snippet Sessions to provide an opportunity for all internal staff to hear more about the project and ask questions. So, keep an eye out for these and please come along!