Feedback and the Beta site

Getting feedback and making changes based on feedback is an important part of Agile working and continuous improvement. As well as user testing and interviews, all the pages on the Beta site have an option to leave on-page feedback, saying if the page was helpful and why or why not.

The aim of the web project is to make our information available to everyone, in a user-friendly and accessible way.

Since we moved our Bills content to be available only on the beta site we’ve seen a big increase in feedback. This is great as it lets us know what’s working and where we can make changes to improve the site for everyone. With that in mind, we looked at the feedback coming through and have recently made a few changes to Beta to improve the user experience.

What you told us

Some users told us:

  • the font size was too large which meant increased scrolling to see content
  • it is difficult to understand the order of how Bills are listed on the site
  • on a desktop computer, PDFs download rather than open in a new window, making it difficult to link to them

What we did

Last week we ran an update on the beta site which addressed this feedback.

With the exception of some banner section headings, the font size across the site has been decreased to reduce the amount of scrolling.

Previously current bills with the most recent activity showed at the top of the default list. We are now listing current bills alphabetically so users can find them quickly by name.

We also changed the way links work so that PDFs open in a new window on desktop as well as mobile devices. From there, users can choose to download the file if they want to.

Regular updates to Beta and it’s platform

The Beta website is built and maintained using a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a website-building tool that keeps content connected and maximises the re-use of tried and tested common components. Recently the team has been working to upgrade ours.

The main reasons for this upgrade are to keep us up to date with security improvements and access some newly released features including:

  • further customisable forms (this will help us improve user responses on the site)
  • a new content editing interface 
  • machine learning powered personalisation/content tagging 

The upgrade allows us to stay current and in line with the latest technology trends.

Ongoing feedback

Creating a user centred site means feedback is important at every stage. Please keep giving us feedback. You can use the on-page feedback function, or you can drop us an email.