First version of MSP section live on Beta website

The Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) section is one of the key areas people want to use when they come to the Parliament website. It's our 6th top task and is important for all of our user groups.

Having spoken to people in more detail about what they need from this section of the site, the key tasks we identified were ‘finding an MSP’, ‘contacting an MSP’ and 'roles of an MSP'. Today we’ve launched the first version of our new MSP section and it focuses on meeting these three needs.

MSP section now live and available from the Beta homepage.

Finding an MSP

As part of our research, we identified that on the current website people have to make a choice about how they find an MSP: either by name or by area in two different sections of the website. We’ve removed this decision by pulling the two options onto one page. We’ve also added a postcode finder and some explanatory text to help people understand why they get 8 results.

People can find MSPs by postcode and the A-Z picker on our Beta website.

Contacting an MSP

When people find an MSP we found the next step most of them wanted to make was to contact them. People can email the MSP directly from the landing page and on their profile page they have contact details for their parliament and constituency offices.

We will add to this by providing direct access to Twitter accounts in a later release.

Roles of an MSP

The third need that people identified was to find out about the roles of the MSP both in and out of Parliament. We’ve started to meet this need with our first release by providing the committees and cross party groups the MSP is a member on, along with government roles. We will continue to add to this need over our next releases.

What’s coming next and feedback

As mentioned previously, next releases will include more contact details and information about roles. We’ll also be adding information about the MSP’s recent activity in Parliament, biographical information and how to complain about an MSP, which were the next highest priority needs. We look forward to sharing progress with you.

We welcome feedback from all users on this release or any other part of the Parliament’s Beta website. You can leave anonymous feedback on the MSP pages via the ‘Was this page helpful’ tab at the bottom of the page or contact us directly at: