Making it easier for people to contact us

We're currently developing the first version of our new website and we're keen to understand how the new website can help you contact us.

On the current website, when people want to find out how to contact us it’s difficult for them to know where to start. This is because the contact details are spread across many pages.

A new approach

To make life easier for people using our website, we pulled together teams that have a customer facing function from across the parliament to design a solution together. We asked them to tell us some of the most common reasons people get in touch with us.

These included:

  • phoning to find out how to request First Minister’s Questions (FMQ) tickets
  • asking to be transferred to a specific team or member of staff
  • requesting information about organising an event or exhibition at the parliament

We mapped out what this journey looks like for people and came up with examples like this:

A graphic of a user journey map where the step 1 options are 'google scottish parliament', 'google scottish parliament contact number - then you will skip to step 3, and 'ask on social media' where you will also skip to stage 3. In stage 2 your options are 'search contact us' and 'selecting contact us page in the footer'. Step 3 is 'contact switchboard' and step 4 is 'be put through to person X'

Then we looked at ways we could improve these different experiences.

First version of the contact us page

Based on what the customer facing teams told us, and some research on contact pages, we felt an approach similar to the one used by the Houses of the Oireachtas in Ireland  was best.

We think this is the easiest way for our users to speak to the right person or get to the right information as quickly as possible. So we’ve broken the page down into common tasks that people are trying to do when they contact us.

I've put the first version of this together quickly – it’s the online equivalent of a rough sketch.

So we haven’t:

  • linked up all the contact details or icons which will be linked
  • asked any design professionals to consider this page
  • put in the full contact list of MSPs
  • put in all the related information and contact options

As part of our user centred approach, we want your feedback on this first version.

Give it a go

We’re designing our website to adapt depending on what device you’re using. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do this with the prototype tool we’re using.

If you’re using a:

How you can help us improve

We’d like you to help us make it easy for people to get in touch with the right person quickly. To do this, we need some initial feedback on our approach to the new contact us pages before we do full designs and user testing on it.

Can you give us a score between 1 and five for the following and tell us why you gave those answers:

[contact-form to="" subject="Feedback to contact us design"][contact-field label="How would you rate the overall experience from 1 to 5?" type="textarea"][contact-field label="How would you rate the page from cluttered (1) to clear (5)?" type="textarea"][contact-field label="How would you rate the page from complicated (1) to intuitive (5)?" type="textarea"][contact-field label="How would you rate the page from unappealing (1) to engaging (5)?" type="textarea"][contact-field label="How would you rate the page from outdated (1) to modern (5)?" type="textarea"][contact-field label="Finally, was there anything you felt was missing or were not expecting?" type="textarea"][/contact-form]

If you don't want to submit the form, you can email your thoughts to these questions and any other thoughts to the team on

We will keep your feedback until we have completed the contact us page on the website, and then we will delete it.