MSP information added to Beta website

We’ve been updating the MSP part of our Beta website with new content. The new design will help users to navigate across the different aspects of MSP information.

We’ve added a new navigation that lets users easily move between different MSP related information. This new approach means information does not need to be placed in accordions, making it easier for users to consume this information.

Brief MSP bios have also been added to the site. We tested the approach to adding bios on the site. The feedback was that this helps to humanise MSPs and give the user a feel for what is important to each MSP.

Information about Register of Interests has also been added.

Comparison of old and new MSP section
View the new MSP information

Functionality to be added in future:

Over the next two months we’ll be working on adding additional functionality to the MSP page, including:

  • MSP recent activity and written questions
  • Elections
  • Code of conduct
  • MSP pay and expenses
  • Previous MSPS

We’ll also be redirecting “Find an MSP” functionality from the current Parliament website so that Beta replaces these legacy services.

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