Roadmap & Themes

The Web & Online Roadmap sets out how we plan to redevelop the current Scottish Parliament online channels.  It shows strategic tasks across twelve themes which will support the journey to replace the current website with a modern and sustainable online service.

Twelve themes have been developed covering all aspects of delivery; design, content, technical development, infrastructure, data and security. Each theme has an individual owner from within the Scottish Parliament who is responsible for overseeing the theme development and implementation.

The twelve themes are:

  • Content Development, Governance & Publishing Strategy
  • Web Hosting, Security and infrastructure, application migration
  • User research & continuous improvement
  • Content Strategy
  • Utility design & Microsite rationalisation
  • Member’s Services
  • Data architecture and content archive
  • Search strategy, application and taxonomy
  • Establish service team & delivery model
  • Intranet
  • Community & social media
  • Open data & data services

Continuous Improvement

A key output of the Roadmap is to embed a pipeline of continuous improvement for online services. This will deliver a sustainable technology model that integrates with key business systems and enables teams to deliver continual improvement of services to respond to: external technological and cultural changes; evolving user needs & expectations; and ongoing internal business requirements.

Under the roadmap delivery phase, controls and check points will be used to govern work packages within each individual theme. The Roadmap will continue to evolve to reflect completion efforts and new requirements to support the pipeline of improvement.

Some of the themes are summarised below.

Content Strategy

This theme has been identified in order to deliver and implement a Content Strategy to deliver improved content across our online services. The Content Strategy will include guidance for writing for the web, content structure and define the processes and procedures for implementing this across all online channels.

Content Development, Governance and Publishing Strategy

This theme aims to address challenges with the current content governance and publishing model. The current model was found to be inefficient and inconsistent and the key recommendation for this theme is to implement a new and sustainable content editing model to increase quality, ownership and governance across all channels.

Utility Design & Microsite Rationalisation

The purpose of this theme is to deliver consistent and modern design standards and principles to all corporate online services. This will include guidelines on the use of microsites and satellite sites to help deliver a consistent and sustainable user experience.

Search Strategy, Application & Taxonomy

This theme will introduce a federated approach to search across our data services and applications – and in doing so greatly improve the search user experience. The Scottish Parliament is a data rich organisation and having accessible and searchable data is a key roadmap deliverable.

Web hosting, security and infrastructure, application migration

This theme will set out how we replace the current website infrastructure and core applications with a new modern infrastructure that can be developed and iterated to support continuing needs.

For more information on the web and online roadmap programme, please get in touch with the team on