Search for MSP votes and motions on Beta

Our new release on our beta website means you can now search through all of this session's Votes and Motions. We thought we’d tell you about some of the process behind the release.

Votes and motions is exactly what is sounds like: a home for you to access information on the results of Chamber votes, and motions that have been lodged at the Scottish Parliament. This is a change from the old site, where votes stood alone and motion information was paired with Parliamentary questions.

The decision to bring votes and motions together was based on user feedback and findings from our top task research, which showed a strong connection between 2 top tasks:

  • Chamber votes and decisions
  • motions submitted by MSPs

Designing the user journey

The votes and motions section has a very different search and filter design from what was used on the old site. We’ve reworked it to make it easier to use and improved the quality of search results.

To get to this point, we asked frequent users of this information how they currently search for it on the old Parliament site. We tested our designs with 12 different users over 2 days. We then based the filters on what they told us they need. This new filter forms the basis of the other filters the site will use, so we hope users find it easy to use and it speeds up the search for information.

Votes and Motions search page

The other key difference from the old site is all information about a motion is now presented on a single page. This has allowed us to:

  • give lots more information to do with the motion in one place - including any amendments that were made, links to related Bills, and a breakdown of how a party or MSP voted
  • make information more flexible and shareable – users can link directly to a vote result, and we’re able show MSPs’ most recent votes and motions on their MSP profiles, or show vote results on a Bill pages (coming soon!)
Votes and motions Bill page

So far feedback from users is positive. They’ve told us it’s useful to have:

  • a breakdown of the vote
  • the vote presented in a visual way
  • all information about a motion in one place

What's next for votes and motions

The release for votes and motions has information on the current session of Parliament only. We’re now working with our developers to identify how we can make more of this information available to provide a full record of voting at Parliament going back to 1999. Then, we’ll look at making the beta site the primary place for this information and redirect users there from the old site.

If you want to let us know what you think, have any questions about the new votes and motions pages, or want to get involved in our work in another way, please get in touch via