The Alpha Prototype

The Web & Online Roadmap is focussed on creating a more inclusive and user centric website. User needs are the key driver in how we move forward and this is demonstrated by the extensive user research that has underpinned the development of the website’s initial Alpha prototype.

The journey to develop the Alpha prototype has involved:

  1. Initial discovery research to identify user groups and their needs:

We have taken a user focussed approach to help deliver the best experience to our various customer groups. By considering how a user is engaged on all stages of their journey and refining that journey to make it the best possible experience.

As part of our discovery, we undertook a variety of research activities, including online surveys, stakeholder workshops, face-to-face research and interviews inside and outside the Scottish Parliament.

  1. Top Task Identification:

The Top Task approach helps organisations to improve customer experience through identifying and optimising customer top tasks. This customer-centric approach to website development has been successfully used by many organisations, including The European Parliament.

The Top Task results allowed us to identify the following top 3 tasks:

  • Legislation
  • What was said in Parliamentary meetings and debates
  • Parliamentary questions and answers
  1. Information Architecture Creation & Evaluation:

The Top Task results were then used to create a meaningful structure for the content of our website. This structure was then shared and tested by users, to ensure they can use it successfully to find the information they are looking for.

The outcome from these three stages of user research work is a concept website known as the Alpha prototype.

The prototype outlines a design idea for our Beta website. This will be tested, adjusted & used to shape the Beta website which will be a new website that will focus on initially delivering the Top 3 user tasks.

Link to the Alpha prototype (picture below):

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