The Scottish Parliament Web & Online Roadmap

After a busy few months of user research, stakeholder engagement and developing roadmap themes, we have achieved a major milestone with the approval of our Web & Online Roadmap. The Roadmap is a strategic report that sets out how the Scottish Parliament will deliver modern, sustainable and iterative online channels and services. It will allow us to improve our web services providing a more inclusive website which delivers improved user experience for all our various user groups.

User-led approach

Our user-led approach and ongoing stakeholder engagement has been a central component of the work completed to develop the Web and Online Roadmap. Working with both internal and external stakeholders we have started to understand user requirements, gather feedback and put users at the centre of product design and development.

The majority of the input in the user research has come from the wider Scottish public and it is critical that we take your needs into account. We’ve received over 2,000 responses to our various engagements and a high proportion of this has come from external users. This has been achieved via various channels including website visits, email bulletins and social media engagement.

And internally we have received feedback from MSPs and their staff; Scottish Parliament staff, internal groups such as Public Engagement Board and latterly Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body.

What next?

From 1st April 2018, the project to further develop the Roadmap and Alpha prototype will begin! The first year will focus on delivery of a Beta website. Throughout the delivery of the Beta phase, services will be continually tested, tweaked and improved to suit our users. The redesigned website will deliver enhanced services and improved user experience, and conclude with the old website being decommissioned once the transformation is complete.

Throughout the Roadmap we will continue with a user-focussed approach utilising continuous research, testing and improvement throughout the delivery of the website and beyond. This will enable a modern website which can adapt to evolving user needs, changes in business requirements and changes and trends in the external environment.

For more information on the web and online roadmap programme, please get in touch with the team on