Top Tasks Survey Results

The results

The results are in! We’ve now got the results of the Scottish Parliament’s “top task” survey from February. This was about understanding how people use, and want to use, our website.

The survey was open to all visitors to the website and we had a fantastic response, with over 1400 people taking part!

The survey asked participants to choose the top five tasks that were most important to them when visiting the website, so that we can understand what people want to do when they come to our website and help us to develop the new website.

The following 3 tasks came top and made up almost a quarter of the overall votes cast:


  1. Legislation (Bills, Acts, subordinate legislation, legislative consent, amendments)
  2. What was said in Parliamentary meetings and debates (transcripts, videos)
  3. Parliamentary questions and answers


This is not to say that there are many other reasons why people visit the Parliament’s website and these will all be considered as we work through the project.

The survey also provided us with information on what users like about the website and what they think could be better. This chart helps to show these results:


The survey results confirmed and validated our current thinking that the following areas of the website need to be improved as priority:

  • Search
  • Structure and design

This is only the beginning

Top Tasks is our first step in getting real insight from our users. We will now use these results to create a meaningful structure for the content of our website. This structure will then be shared and tested by users, to see if they can use it successfully to find the information they are looking for.

We still need to know more about what each of the Tasks mean to our users. That will be our next step. Often what people say they want is not always what they actually need. We now want to know what it is our users need these Tasks to deliver.

For more information on this work, please get in touch with the team on