User Research - Online Survey

Our first piece of research and engagement with our website visitors is the online survey.

So far we have held stakeholder workshops and internal interviews to gather a wealth of information about who our user groups are and what their key tasks are on the current website.

Based on that information, User Vision has designed a survey to verify these internal assumptions directly with our users. The aim is that the online survey on the website will gather intelligence and direct feedback from the current users on their needs and experiences.

The online survey will request feedback from people who are visiting the Scottish Parliament website to help us understand:

  • What user group they belong to
  • Why they have come to the website
  • How satisfied they are with their experience
  • How they would improve the website

Although our internal assumptions helped to guide the survey creation, we didn’t want to lead our external visitors into confirming our assumptions. Instead, we hope they will offer us unique insights into their journey to and through the website. Achieving guidance without being prescriptive was probably one of the trickier aspects to get right before releasing the survey – aside from the technical glitches with our website that remind us why we’re doing this work in the first place!